Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Soapwalla Magic Deodorant

Probably everyone who writes about clean beauty products has written about Soapwalla Kitchen deodorant, giving it the highest of praise. Nevertheless, soon after receiving and using this little deodorant pot, I knew I also had to write a post about it, in order to spread the word on this amazing natural deodorant. 
 There is not too much to say except that Soapwalla deodorant works. As simple as that. It works just as good as my old dirty deodorant that was full up of aluminium and parabens. Aluminium blocks cell glands, blocking sweat from getting to skin's surface. It is suggested to be able to penetrate the skin and accumulate in the body. There is some research suggesting a link between aluminium and Alzheimer disease. Aluminium is said to influence changes in estrogen receptor cells.  Read my post on parabens here. Those deodorants kept me dry and smell-free during the day and after sports sessions, so I would not have thought that an absolutely natural deodorant could do the job. That was until I tried Soapwalla deodorant. 
 Just have a look at this wonderful list of ingredients:

Organic jojoba, sunflower, and rosehip seed oils; shea butter; a combination of all-natural and gluten-free vegetable clays and powders; aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate; organic vegan kosher glycerin; a combination of organic lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, 
bergamot and tea tree essential oils

The deodorant comes in a small jar, is a creamy-yellow colour and has frosting-like consistency. I put a little on my finger and apply to under my arms like it was cream. I usually wait a little before dressing fully so that the deodorant can dry a bit and therefore work better. But not long at all. It smells quite fresh, but the smell is not over-powering and does not linger, which I particularly liked.  I have been using it for almost a week, and I did not have any irritation to any of the ingredients. But most importantly, it works just as wonderfully as a non-clean counterpart. I have been to work, rushed to meetings, ran somewhere, did exersize  and the deo kept me fresh, dry and absolutely smell free! So here we have it. An absolutely clean and natural deodorant that actually undoubtedly works!
 This deodorant can be purchased from Soapwalla Kitchen Etsy shop and costs very reasonable $10 USD. All Soapwalla Kitchen products are freshly made in small batches by Rachel in the kitchen of her Brooklyn apartment! Do you have a favourite natural deodorant? 


  1. I had read about this product somewhere else about a month ago but still wasn't fully sure, as my miserable experience with the 'natural' deodorants have not been so good. But i think it is now time to try Soapwalla and be finally happy! Will let you know how it goes.

  2. Yes do! I'm not exaggerating at all, it works just as well as a non-natural deodorant! I have not tried it in very hot weather (as its something you dont really get in the UK), but I read reviews of people who say they have and it was fine!