Monday, 22 August 2011

Pretty nails with Priti NYC

  In light of my previous post about formaldehyde, which is so often present in nail polishes, I wanted to review a nail colour that prides itself in being formaldehyde-free. Priti NYC!
 Priti was launched in New York by Kim D'Amato in 2005. The idea for Priti came about during D'Amato's pregnancy when she made a decision to switch to organic food and skincare. Not satisfied with options for non-toxic nail polishes available, she decided to create Priti: a brand of organic and non-toxic nail polishes, without having to compromise on quality or choice. 
 Priti nail colours are made without formaldehyde and two other toxic chemicals (beware, I will get to you both in later posts!): toluen and dibutyl phthalate (DHB),known cancerogens. The nail colours are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. They disclose all their ingredients, and attempt to use plant-derived and non-toxic chemicals. 
 Like promised, you will not need to compromise on either quality or choice. Priti has over 100 different colours and shades, ranging from pale nudes and pinks to bright reds, blues and even metallics. 

 I have recently bought and tried a bottle of pink Priti colour. What can I say? I saw no difference between this nice juicy nail colour and department store stuff I used to have. It stays on for days, does not chip (only a good few days later) and they have an amazing selection of colours. My favourite thing was the brush: it made the nail polish go on so smoothly, really mistake-proof (and I am not the smoothest nail polish operator...). And at £9 per 9 ml pot, it won't harm your wallet too much!

  Another great product offered by Priti NYC is their non-toxic nail polish remover (the ingredients list of ordinary nail polish removers just sends a shiver down my spine...). Priti remover is organic soy and corn based, infused with coconut, soybean esters and lemongrass oils. Amazingly, it contains no acetone, and no petroleum. To be honest, I have not tried this yet, but am hoping to do so soon. If anyone already has, I would love to hear what you think!
  Overall, nail colours still contain chemicals that may not be too favourable for skin. However, if you really want to use some once in a while, I would definitely go for the '3-Free' (formaldehyde, toluen and DHB), and Priti NYC colours would be my highest recommendation!


  1. The Priti nail polish remover is great! Does a fantastic job and a little goes a very long way.

  2. Thanks Hayley!I will definitely give it a go, the ordinary removers are just scary! Have you tried their nail polish?