Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Organic Food to your Doorstep: Riverford Organics

  As I was changing everything in my bathroom cabinet to natural and organic, I had a thought: obviously it is equally as important what goes into me as what goes onto me... So I started looking for a place where I could conveniently buy organic produce. I knew of a farmers market, which is very nice, but it only happens on Sundays, and if you want to get anything good, you better be there by 10 am. Some Sundays, I can be that dedicated, others not so much... Apart from the market, the only option was to buy organic lines of large supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and Tesco's. That was not ideal either.
 Then, one rainy Sunday I picked up an Observer paper that had Ethical Awards issue of its magazine. There I read about this Riverford Organics: apparently they grow organic, Soil Association approved fruit, vegetables, meat and lots of other things and deliver it to your doorstep free of charge. Too good to be true? That's what I thought, but it was all true nevertheless.
Their website, is very easy to use.
You register, then either buy ready boxes of fruit or veg, or pick what you want (that's what I do, I am too picky). In addition to fruit and veg, Riverford sell fresh meat, olive oil, hams, delicious pastrami, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, milk, yogurts, porridge, musli, eggs and much more!  

Riverford Box
  What about the delivery? They deliver on a specific day a week, depending where you live and what farm the produce will be delivered from. If you are out on that day, you can leave a note at checkout explaining where to leave the box. They put it away nicely, and if it is a rainy day, cover it with a large plastic bag. They do not charge for delivery, you just need to spend over £12, which is fair enough! They deliver across UK, you can check if they deliver to your postcode on their website.
 Now, the produce. What can I say, I have been more than happy with everything I received. Always fresh, and carefully picked produce! Delicious fruit like apples and pears, berries, fresh and tender lettuce, ripe avocados to name a few!

 Finding Riverford organics has made a huge difference to my shopping. It is actually much more convenient than doing a big shop at the supermarket, and has made organic food much more attainable. If I am just shopping fruit and vegetables, I do not find that I spend much more than I would in a supermarket. But everything is so much nicer! I get excited every week when I get back from work and see the large box of goodness waiting by my front door... Where do you shop for organic food?

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