Monday, 8 August 2011

On a Mission for Safer Skincare

  Every week I plan to write about nasty chemicals in everyday care 
products that may pose potential dangers to our health. These chemicals are so common that I never imagined their potential harm. After stumbling over a natural skincare brand by chance, I was becoming more and more involved in learning about potentially harmful chemicals present in all my products. What struck me most is how large cosmetic brands present these chemicals to be so ‘ordinary’ that you would never think twice about what they really were. Synthetic preservatives in my cream, powerful toxins in my nail polish, aluminum in my deodorant? All there. Who would have thought? At the same time, skin allergies are on the increase, everyone probably knows of a person or two who cannot use many skincare products and are forced to look for natural alternatives. So, if some ingredients can be so harsh for some skin types, then why use them at all? If before natural skincare and makeup was associated with hippy earth loving, then now natural products can be just as glamorous, and most importantly they work just as well and if not better, than the old ‘dirty’ cosmetics. So I want to dedicate a post a week to going through some chemicals to look out for!

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