Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ilia Beauty: beautiful reds

I have noticed that I am coming up with a bit of a collection of red/pink lip colours, mostly from RMS and Ilia beauty brands (RMS colours to follow soon). One of the difficult things about shopping for natural brands that are not so wide-spread is not quite being able to tell what colour it is exactly. The problem with taking photos and uploading them on the blog still remains: the flash and camera distortion still make it impossible to demonstrate the true colour of the lipsticks. Nevertheless, I wanted to do a post showing some of the lip colours that I own and perhaps through seeing them next to each other, some of you would find it useful. 
Ilia beauty colours are amazing. The lip tints are very moisturising and I love how they smell. The greatest thing about them is that you can really play with how much colour you want to get out of them, e.g. one layer gives a nice tint, while if you re-apply a few times you get a proper lipstick-rich colour. And, once you own a few of these pretty things, you can mix up the colours to get something new every time. Here are some of my favourites:

Ilia in Bang Bang

Ilia in Arabian Knights
Ilia in Shell Shock

Ilia Beauty L-to-R: Bang Bang, Arabian Knights, Shell Shock



  1. These look so lovely, the swatches are helpful it is always a frustration for me not to be able to find reviews and swatches especially when it is a pricey product like these.

  2. I'm happy you found the swatches helpful! Yes, these lipsticks are truly lovely. Basically Bang Bang is just red, Arabian Knights is berry and Shell Shock is a nice bright coral (very summery!) Have you tried any other Ilia colours?

  3. So uncanny, I was thinking about buying Arabian knights and already have the other two colours. They really are lovely. I think you would have liked the limited edition crimson and clover from last year.

  4. Hi Tammy, Arabian Knights must be one of my favourite shades ever, I would def give it a try if you like bright colours, it looks very unique. Yeh I don't know how I missed Crimson and Clover! Is it quite similar to Bang Bang? X

    1. Hey, no not really. The best thing about it is that it goes on bright red (brighter than bang bang) but after a few hours ( or say after you ate) it turns to this raspberry like stain (exactly the colour of clover). Pretty sure you can still get it from ilia website, but p&p plus most likely the import tax.....

  5. Hello eugenia, loving your nails . Simple and chic :-)

  6. Oh, I love the Ilia lip conditioners! They are such a dream to apply. Conditioner + pigmentation all in one! I really want to grab Bang Bang after seeing your swatch.

  7. @Mademoiselle Nature: Thank you, that's so sweet!

    @Asti and Bow Tied Beaty: They are beautiful!! Bang Bang is just a perfect red colour, you can't go wrong, I think that shade of red would suit anyone!

  8. Hello Eugenia,

    thanks for this post and for the swatches..I found them so helpful when you need to choose a product.. I will definitely try this brand!

    Ila x

  9. Hey Ila, I'm really glad you found the swatches useful. This brand is fantastic, the lip colours feel lovely on the lips and the colours are beautiful. I think Arabian Knights is my favourite! Have you tried any yet?
    Thank you for reading! x

  10. I am BANG BANG obsessed!!! Great post :)

  11. These are such gorgeous colours, <3 Arabian Knights!! xxx