Monday, 1 July 2013

Lucy Annabella: Argan & Bergamot Organic Treatment Oil

I have recently been contacted by Lucy Annabella Organics asking if I would be interested in trying out their products for a potential review. To be honest, I did not know much about Lucy Annabella, but I did remember seeing their pretty bottles on a natural products website. After having a quick look at their brand and their ingredients I was very interested!
Lucy Annabella is a brand from Northern Ireland, and its creator, Colleen Harte is a Complimentary Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist. Being passionate about all things natural and organic, and combining this with her knowledge and interest in the power of aromatherapy, Colleen created Lucy Annabella Organics. The brand incorporates products for body and relaxation. They have a collection of body/massage oils, bath milk and candles The products are all beautifully scented to help people relax and unwind in their busy lifestyles while feeding their bodies with healthy and organic products.
The products of the brand are certified by the Soil Association. I always think that its very important for body care products to be organic because you use so much of them.
Soon after our conversation, a lovely box landed on my doorstep. Upon opening I was delighted to learn that it was a body oil, Argan & Bergamot Organic Treatment Oil. As if knowing my fondness  for body oils, Martina from Lucy Annabella made me very happy to receive this. In addition, my previous body oil was running out, so the timing could not be better.

Lucy Annabella Argan & Bergamot Organic Treatment oil
I recently switched to using body oils instead of moisturisers and have been very happy with the results.  When I looked at the ingredients list, I was excited to see that this oil contained argan oil high up in its ingredients list. I believe that everyone has 'their' oil, that works best for their skin, and I think argan oil is 'mine'. This body oil is a deep yellow colour and comes in a very pretty patterned glass bottle. It contains nine organic oils to revive and nourish the skin. A combination of soybean, argan, sesame, avocado and apricot oils feed the skin with Vitamin E, softening and protecting it. I believe this body oil contains a combination of the most beautiful, skin-nourishing oils out there. The body oil is very delicately scented by organic essential oils of lemon, bergamot, rosemary, lavender and cypresse. I am not a fan of strong, essential oil smells, but the scent of this product is very delicate, refreshing,  and beautifully balanced. It is slightly citrusy, but with more depth to it.The scent does not linger for too long either, which is a bonus for me. It does give you a very uplifting feel when the product is applied.
I use the body oil straight after the shower. Upon the first use I was amazed by how quickly the oil sank in, leaving no residue within a minute. The skin felt incredibly smooth and silky to the touch, and I can honestly say I never had such a quick response to a product. Whenever I use a body oil I always rub the leftovers all over my hands, and I have noticed that after using this oil my hands look don't get dry as they usually do, there is even little need for hand cream. A little bit of the product definitely goes a long way, so this bottle should last ages. I have been using it every other day for over three weeks, and am probably not even a third through the bottle. One thing I would comment on however is that the bottle is not dark glass, therefore sunlight may damage the oils. Its not a problem if you store it in a bathroom cabinet, but I like to keep mine in its box just to be safe.

The body oil on skin
My skin is not particularly sensitive to any ingredients, so I cannot comment on any allergies. But I think because the ingredients are very straight-forward, you will be able to notice anything that you can't tolerate. My skin has been very soft and smooth after using this oil. I would highly recommend it as a very fast-absorbing, nourishing and luxurious skin treatment. After-shower use of this oil uplifts the senses so you feel you are in a country field with a mix of lovely herbal scents on a fresh and sunny day!

Lucy Annabella Organics are available to purchase online at and on 
The products will also be available at the Nutri Centre, The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF 


  1. I believe in using organic skincare / body care too and I agree with you that it is important since our body absorbs a lot of it. Never heard of this brand but sound interesting. Thanks for the review :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. Hello, thank you very much for reading! I didn't know much about the brand either, but I was really impressed after using the products! I love it that they are certified organic.
    Let me know if you try them!

  3. This sounds lovely :) it's great that it sinks in so quickly too - I hate ones that just sit on top of the skin for an age x

  4. It most definitely does! It smells fresh as well, not 'oily', but not overpowering at the same time!
    Thank you for reading!

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