Sunday, 3 June 2012

Deep Cleansing Mask by Nude

I  wanted to do my new post about a product that has impressed me the most during the time of my blog-absence period. This product was, without a doubt, the Deep Cleansing Mask by Nude.
First of all, the brand. Nude was created by Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson. Bryan was the creator of the Fresh&Wild natural health food stores around London. Together, Bryan and Ali wanted to create a skincare brand that is high-performance, luxury and of course, all-natural. I think the brand very nicely combines the two aspects that before were considered to be opposites: it is natural and luxury. I love the packaging of the brand: it is simple, clean, modern and feels so nice to the touch. The products are affordable but they look and feel like high-end stuff, and deliver the promised results too!     The products consist of natural ingredients, with some interesting stuff. They are free from the nasties like parabens, Sulphates, PEGs, TEAs, DEAs, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, GMOs, Mineral Oils and Silicones.  It should be noted that the brand openly declares that they use a small amount of what they researched to be safe and non-irritating synthetic preservative ingredients. All of these ingredients are clearly stated on their labels. 
Now, the product: 
This mask is formulated for normal to oily skin, and would suit anyone with congested skin or suffering from spots. The mask is dark grey colour, and has a beautiful mousse consistency. This was one of the things I was particularly impressed with: unlike other kaolin clay masks, the consistency of the mask felt soft and non-drying. It goes on like a dream: very smooth and almost glides onto your skin. The main ingredient of the face mask is kaolin clay which absorb excess oils and impurities and helps to gently exfoliate. The mask also contains propolis, which has fantastic purifying and healing properties. The other great thing about this face mask is that it works as an exfoliator too. The gentle beads exfoliate the skin when you wash the mask off, making it a brilliant 2 in 1 product (i.e. I skip buying an exfoliator now...). 
In all honesty, if used once or twice per week, this mask (unlike any other I have tried), really de-congests the skin, revealing more glowing and healthy-looking skin. I cannot promise you that it will solve all your skin problems, but I don't believe that any one external product really can (i.e. a lot of how your skin looks depends on what you are eating and how you are feeling). But what I have noticed is that it really improves the condition of the skin, gently purifying it as well as healing any spots etc. It is very easy to use and wash off, making it a pleasant part of a weekly beauty routine! 


  1. I've been eyeing this line for quite some time. Do you have many products from them? If so, how do the others hold up?

    Thanks! Green Product Junkie

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes they are a great line, I love this face mask and I have their facial cleanser as well, which is lovely. The line does use some synthetic preservatives, but they openly state that on their website and give full disclosure about what they use and why, which I think is good. I heard also that they will be reformulating their line in the autumn, so maybe they will come up with new things and new ingredients. I'm looking forward to see!