Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spiezia Organics Head and Hair Oil

There are so many hair treatments out there, lots to choose from! I wanted to try something different and new, and found this great Head and Hair oil by Spiezia Organics. I knew that oils are great for nourishing hair and thought I could give this treatment a try. Another thing that attracted me was the company itself and the fact that their products are 100% organic (that's right, 100%, certified by the Soil Association).
Lets hear a little bit about the company first. Spiezia makes 100% organic and natural products on an Organic Gear Farm based in Cornwall, England. They have a range of 34 products for face, body and hair care, mothers and babies oils and balms and a range of men products. It has been possible for Spiezia to make truly 100% organic products because they don't use water in their stuff: and if there is no water, there is no need to use any type of preservatives or anything else that may exist only in non-organic form. This means that Spiezia moisturizers are balms, not creams.
Now the treatment. The Head and Hair oil was created to stimulate healthy scalp and nourish hair. It contains lots of great ingredients, such as jojoba, sweet almond, apricot seed oils, and other healthy things such as burdock root extract, nettle leaf extract, rosemary leaf, sage and lavender. It is advised to massage into the scalp and along the hair and leave it on either for 20 minutes or overnight for a more thorough treatment. 
I have not had the courage to put it on my head... My hair tends to get oily quickly, and I do realize that the oil will not necessarily make it more oily, but balance it, but I just could not do it! The main thing I feel I personally need to get from a hair treatment is nourishing dry ends, so I happily just put it along my hair.
The oil itself is like any oil: pale yellow colour, no particular strong smell. I rub a little oil between my hands and spread it on my hair, then repeat a couple of times until I feel there is enough oil on my hair. Don't overdo it: the first time I applied the oil I thought I needed to put on lots of it for the hair to get moist, but you really don't, I would say overall about a tablespoon or a bit more for medium length hair. I then wrapped my hair on my head and pinned it up. I didn't leave it on overnight, although its very possible - just pop a towel on your pillow. I left the oil for about 30 minutes every time I used the product. 
The oil washes out relatively easily, although (perhaps due to paranoia) the first time I used it it did feel like there was something left on my hair. The second time, my hair felt completely fine and clean. The overall result without exaggerating is that after 2-3 uses my hair felt more nourished, silky, shiny and generally healthier. I was very impressed with the result. I have medium thickness hair, and this oil has definitely worked much better than any intense treatments that I have used on my hair for that extra nourishment. 


  1. This sounds lovely! I've wanted to try Spezia for a while, particularly the balm cleanser, but now I think I'll need to get a bottle of this as well:)

  2. It's really great! Very nourishing... I haven't tried other Spiezia products, so if you do let me know how you get on'!!

  3. This looks really good, thanks for the review! They say you always notice a difference the first time you swap hair products from commercial to organic, but your hair starts to get used to it the 2nd/3rd time? I guess this could be right enough thinking back to my own hair. I'll definitely consider this and @The Blossom Shed, thanks for mentioning they do balm cleansers, I'll have to have a look. Love my balms & oils :)

  4. I am glad you found it useful! I found that thee first few times I used organic products the results were a bit strange,but approximately after the second time it was much better, and now my hair is much better condition than when I used commercial products before. I guess it takes a bit of time to wash away all the stuff they put in commercial products!

    1. Lol, this is true! :) I've seen a video on youtube where someone was using baking soda and essential oils as a shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse. Everyone who commented on the video said they were doubtful but after trying it they've never looked back! So thinking to give that a go :)

  5. Hello Eugenia, great post! I may consider trying this one as an alternative to olive oil!
    As I like your blog, I have awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award :-). Well done !

  6. Ah thank you! Glad you found it useful! Its a really nice product. Thanks so much for the award! So happy!

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  8. Thank you so much for the kind comment!! I'm really happy you liked it, it's always so nice to hear that someone out there enjoys it!!

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