Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Tata Glow

I have recently been sent a sample of Tata Harper Rebuilding Mosturizer with my previous purchases at Being Content in London. It was a little pot, although somewhat bigger than other samples I've had. I wanted to give this cream a try as the lovely and small yellow-green tubes caught my eye. I did not have high expectations, as I thought, what could be new?
Well, I have to admit, hands down I have not been so impressed with a beauty product in a long long time! I have been using the small pot for about 5 days now, and still have some left! 
In all seriousness, after a day of using the moisturizer, my skin, which had a rough patch last week, was looking glowing! I don't think I ever had that before. The moisturizer is dark creamy colour, not too think, just glides on your skin, and literally soaks in, without leaving a residue or leaving your skin wanting more. The fact that I needed the tiniest amount of cream for my whole face shows just how concentrated the product is. That took my worry about the small size of their product bottles far far away. I've read some reviews on the internet saying that the aroma of the product (made from natural oils and extracts) was over-powering, but I did not find this to be so at all. It has a light refreshing natural scent. The product is 70.23% EcoCert certified organic, 100% natural. It includes some delicious ingredients such as mango butter, aloe leaf juice, calendula flower, rose water, willow bark extract, alfalfa flower, borage flower, witch hazel among many others. 
Tata Harper realized the potential harm of nasty chemicals in our everyday skincare after her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, and his doctor gave him instructions not to use most of his existing products due to their chemical content. So, that was how the idea for creating a natural luxury line was born. Tata grows many of her ingredients right on her 1,200 acre farm in Vermont, where everything is handpicked and the products are made on site in small batches to keep things fresh and natural. All of the work on the products, including formulation, packaging, marketing and distribution are carried out in-house, which is so rare these days, even for a natural brand. The aim of the line was to make a luxury skincare brand which is also 100% natural and non-toxic, so that women do not have to sacrifice their health to have beautiful youthful skin. 
Tata carried out research on the ingredients for 5 years before launching the line. She traveled around the world meeting world's best botanists, chemists and different experts. Through her quest she collected some of the most exquisite and beneficial ingredients the earth has to offer to develop the brand's own formulations from scratch. 
The line consists of Regenerating cleanser, Replenishing cleanser, Refreshing cleanser Hydrating Floral Essence, Rebuilding moisturizer, Repairative moisturizer, Rejuvenating serum, Resurfacing mask, Restorative Eye cream, Revitalizing Body oil, Strengthening body lotion and some aromatic treatments. I would really love to try out the face mask and one of the cleansers.
In some ways unfortunately, these lovely products come with a rather high price tag. For example, the moisturizer that I tried  out costs £80. Of course it is really expensive, but no one would think of accusing La Prairie for making their products expensive, because they are a well-known luxury brand. But Tata Harper is also a luxury brand, as to use handpicked, home grown exquisite ingredients costs money, there is no other way around it. So if you are looking for an amazing natural product that delivers, and can afford it, I think these products can definitely deliver the promised Tata Glow

My little sample


  1. I got several samples from Tata Harper from a Spirit Beauty Lounge order, and I was so impressed. They all smelled amazing. My favorite was the mask she makes.

  2. Yes, I really want to try their face mask, it looks great! All their products seem delicious! Have you tried the cleanser as well?

  3. Ladies, you must try the mask- it is getting so much attention for the dewy glow you get after using it! Allure, Cosmo- everyone is going crazy over it! Thank you for spreading natural beauty in this post, this is a great blog! Besos!

  4. Great post Eugenia. The Tata Harper Mask it is one of my all time favourite beauty products. And I've tried a few! x Imelda @ Content

  5. Thank you both!! I will definitely have to try the mask now!